Meet Our Founder


I grew up in Morocco, a country where beauty rituals take the form of social affairs where my mother, her sisters and her friends would bring their own natural recipes prepared at home with the finest ingredient.

It was a time of joy, sharing and celebration, the joy of being with loved ones, the sharing of beauty secrets and the celebration of femininity.

The beauty recipes were judged for the experience they provide as much as for the final result thus, the ingredients were chosen for their capacity to exalt all our senses and create that unique moment where time and space don’t matter anymore, a moment where we focused solely on our well-being.

Once that gathering was over, we would all look forward to the next one.

I moved to Dubai in 2005 and immediately fell in love with this growing, dynamic and multi-cultural city full of energy and opportunity. I joined one of the largest beauty corporations in the world where I fed my passion for the world of beauty care, a magical world full of beautiful models and effective products, products that gave me great physical results yet, I was hungry for more…

I was longing for that connection with mother nature that would reveal my inner beauty, I wanted that feeling of being my own beautiful model and the center of my own universe and, above all, I was missing that boost of energy to shine as the woman I want to be… and so, from this hunger to pursue my passion, Soufouss was born!

It is an all-natural skincare line inspired by the ancient recipes of Moroccan beauty, recipes made by pure natural ingredient that will give you pure moments of happiness as they did for me, my mother, my grandmother and countless generations before them…

Our mission at Soufouss is add the most beautiful emotions to your beauty rituals – however brief they may be, offering you the keys to unlock your natural beauty and your inner harmony.

With Pure Love...

Sanaa Koufass

Founder and CEO of Soufouss